Where we started.

Matchstick was founded in 2017 by Toronto-based designer, Davin Crawford. Inspired by surf and snow culture, Matchstick evolved as a boutique brand known for its vintage-inspired materials and quality gear - all Canada-made. 

For 6 years and counting Matchstick continues to expand its production and reach, establishing itself as a sought-after brand from coast to coast.

To us it’s more than just clothing - it’s a way of honouring the simplicity of coastal living and building a community of good people.

How we do business.

We’re so proud of the ecosystem we have built around the production of our gear. All designs are in-house and manufactured, stitched, and screened in Toronto. 

We pride ourselves in both ethically sourced garments and incredible attention to detail - we want you to get what you pay for.

We are experienced in collaborations with other boutique brands and retailers. Check out our recent work with The Lab.

Want to collab?